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Encyclopaedia Africana R August 15, 2020 DR. ROBIN WALKER

Since 1992 and up to the present period, Robin Walker has lectured in adult education, taught university short courses, and chaired conferences in African World Studies, Egyptology and Black History.

D Encyclopaedia Africana August 10, 2020 BOOK: DAVID OLUSOGA, BLACK AND BRITISH

I imbibed enough of the background racial tensions of the late 1970s and 1980s to feel profoundly unwelcome in Britain.

Media (RH) Resources Hub August 8, 2020 Sideman quits Radio 1Xtra over BBC’s use of racial slur

The BBC sanctioning the N-word being said on national television by a white person is something I can’t rock with.

Encyclopaedia Africana J August 3, 2020 JANET KAY

Janet Kay was bor in Willesden, London, England in 1958.

Media (RH) Resources Hub August 3, 2020 The Talk, Ch4, Aug 4th, 10pm

It’s a rite of passage no white child ever has to go through: a conversation with their parents about the impact their skin colour might have on their life.

Miscellaneous (RH) Resources Hub August 2, 2020 K-Dogg: Arrests made over Bristol race attack on NHS worker

He suffered serious injuries including a broken leg, nose and cheekbone.

Police (RH) Resources Hub August 1, 2020 The Fight to Stop Police Being Stationed in British Schools

“For young Black boys, this sees them enter this school to prison pipeline.”

Law (RH) Prison (RH) Resources Hub August 1, 2020 Black People in the UK Are Going to Jail for Crimes They Didn’t Commit. Here’s Why

“A gang narrative was forced onto my brother who had no convictions and had never been to prison”

Politics (RH) Resources Hub August 1, 2020 Black Lives Matter: ‘Backlash has been divisive like Brexit’

Nadia was surprised when she received a negative response from someone who had been in her life for years.

Miscellaneous (RH) Resources Hub July 29, 2020 Bristol NHS worker speaks after racially aggravated hit and run

Avon and Somerset Police are treating the incident as racially aggravated.

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