Encyclopaedia Africana J October 5, 2022 Jamaica Past (images)

Selected images from 1800 – 1923

Encyclopaedia Africana J March 21, 2021 JOAN ARMATRADING

Joan Armatrading never embraced the R&B style performed by most U.S. Black artists at the time and most popular among American music consumers. Ironically her music was considered “white” even though she was Black.

Encyclopaedia Africana J March 21, 2021 JOMO KENYATTA

While in Europe, Kenyatta studied anthropology at the London School of Economics, gave public lectures, wrote to newspapers, traveled across Europe and participated in the Pan-African Congress.

Encyclopaedia Africana J March 18, 2021 JOHN BLANKE

Other Africans were brought to Britain at various times although the continuous presence of Black people in Britain is traced to 1555, when Africans arrived in the company of a London merchant.

Encyclopaedia Africana J March 13, 2021 JEAN-JACQUES DESSALINES

Fearing a French resurgence and the reinstatement of slavery that would accompany it, he ordered the massacre of approximately 5,000 of the island’s white men, women, and children declaring “I have saved my country.

Encyclopaedia Africana J March 11, 2021 JOHN HAWKINS, ENSLAVER

John Hawkins effectively set the pattern that became known as the English slave trade triangle.

Encyclopaedia Africana J March 8, 2021 JERRY RAWLINGS

“The most dangerous mistake of any political force is to forget its roots.”

Encyclopaedia Africana J March 6, 2021 JIMMY CLIFF

“I’d rather be a free man in my grave than living as a puppet or a slave.”

Encyclopaedia Africana J February 27, 2021 JOHN SENTAMU

In 1997, partly because of his brief experience as a judge in Uganda and because of his respected position of Bishop of Stepney, Sentamu was asked and agreed to serve as an advisor to a judicial inquiry into the racially motivated killing of black college student, Stephen Lawrence, which had occurred three years prior.

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