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Politics (RH) Resources Hub March 15, 2021 Vaccine hesitancy among ethnic minorities is due to ‘attitudes in countries they come from,’ says equalities minister

For many immigrant groups, lack of trust in authority is something they actually bring from the countries they come from,” the minister said.

Politics (RH) Resources Hub February 12, 2021 Grenfell Tower inquiry: Cladding firm ‘knew of fire risk’

The cassette version of the cladding, formed from flammable materials, has been shown to pose a particular risk in fires on tall buildings and was the type eventually used at Grenfell Tower.

Politics (RH) January 10, 2021 White Supremacism Is a Domestic Terror Threat That Will Outlast Trump

Whether from behind his desk in the Oval Office or through the toxic feed of his Twitter account, Trump has stoked division, spread disinformation and spawned hate. He has normalized what was once unthinkable and mainstreamed what was once marginal.

Politics (RH) Resources Hub January 10, 2021 Accusations of Bias, Racism Swirl Around Capitol Police After Mob Attack

An Associated Press tally found more than 10,000 protesters were arrested in just the first 10 days after Floyd’s Minneapolis death.

Politics (RH) Resources Hub December 16, 2020 UK Racial disparities report pushed back to Spring 2021

It is not clear how soon the government will publish the report after it is finished.

Politics (RH) Resources Hub December 14, 2020 Keir Starmer criticised for not challenging “full-blown white supremacism” on national radio

“Because, if anything, the racial inequality is now against the indigenous people of Britain, because we are set to become a minority by 2066,” she said, propagating the ‘Great Replacement’ myth.


Commissioning reports and failing to implement them intensifies disaffection and lack of confidence in the Government on race issues. Government must implement the findings of previous reports that have been commissioned.

Politics (RH) Resources Hub November 10, 2020 Kamala Harris: NI peer Lord Kilclooney told to apologise for ‘offensive’ tweet

The ugly face of racism in the U.K.
Insultingly referring to K. Harris as “The Indian” and erasing her Jamaican heritage.

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