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Police (RH) Resources Hub Uncategorized January 7, 2021 Jacob Blake: officers will not be charged in shooting that left Black man paralyzed

The officer who shot Jacob Blake 7 times in the back in front of his 3 children, will not face charges.

Police (RH) Resources Hub October 29, 2020 Met police criticised for multiple errors in stop and search practice

The Met has hugely increased its use of stop and search over the past year, following a call from the government to deploy the tactic more to try to reduce violent crime.

Police (RH) Resources Hub September 7, 2020 ‘The man who shot my mum is still living his life’: Cherry Groce’s son on life after police brutality

It gradually dawned on the family that the man with the gun was not an armed burglar but a police officer. The scene became hellish.

Police (RH) Resources Hub August 27, 2020 Jacob Blake: Teenager arrested over Wisconsin protesters’ deaths

A spokesman for the Wisconsin Professional Police Association told the BBC individuals and groups were exercising their own form of vigilantism.

Police (RH) Resources Hub August 24, 2020 Kenosha shooting: Protests erupt after US police shoot unarmed Jacob Blake

“They saw a cop shoot their father. They will be traumatized forever. We cannot let officers violate their duty to PROTECT us,” he wrote.

Police (RH) Resources Hub August 18, 2020 Black Met Police inspector ‘racially harassed’ by officers

In his formal complaint, Insp Ehikioya wrote: “The officers did not believe or did not care that I was an officer, because I am black.

Police (RH) Resources Hub August 11, 2020 Stephen Lawrence racist murder: ‘The Met might give up, I never will’

Racist murder victim Stephen Lawrence’s mother has vowed she will never give up on her son despite the Met Police declaring investigations “inactive”.

Police (RH) Resources Hub August 8, 2020 London police station blockaded after 14-year-old’s arrest

We have not received any reports that members of the public or those under arrest sustained any injuries.”

Police (RH) Resources Hub August 3, 2020 Former police chief convicted over child abuse video granted court of appeal hearing

Robyn Williams was sacked in March despite never having viewed unsolicited video

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