1. To start getting hard-earned money circulating within the Black community in order to create an important platform for future growth and development and to drive forward our agenda for self-determination for people of African Descent, not just in the UK but globally.
  2. To commence building a knowledge database that can be accessed by all of us, children, adults and elders alike, to learn and grow in confidence and knowledge about our past, our present and our future as a people labelled ‘Black’.

We hope you like what you see and we look forward to building our global, virtual community with you as an important part of it.

Still We Rise


Welcome to Still We Rise. This is a space for unity, for learning, for business connectivity. Still We Rise was created to build a global network between people of African heritage, wherever in the world they happen to be. Although its creators are based in the UK, we extend our arms in solidarity with all our brothers and sisters across the globe and hope that you will become a part of our dream of building and connecting our global community. One of our aims for 2020 is to provide a FREE online marketplace for black businesses and services, creating an effective link between suppliers and customers, not just in the UK but around the world.

Still We Rise will also be building Encyclopaedia Africana, a FREE knowledge database collating history and facts relevant to people blessed with African ancestors. Currently, there is no one place or website that we can go to and find out about ourselves, our history, our heritage, our people. Contributions from all will be valued and curated to make this resource as rich, comprehensive and varied as our histories are and have been. Every one of our children deserves the right to be able to access information about their own history and origin, learn about their brothers and sisters in other countries and to take pride in our strength and resilience in the face of a world that throughout history has been unrelenting in its efforts to undermine anyone labelled as being ‘Black’, globally. We want to rewrite the narrative – having been enslaved, our strength carried us through and our triumph over it is something to be proud of. We want our children to know that we have a history prior to TransAtlantic Slavery and Colonialism and after it too.

Black Lives Matter as a hashtag and slogan has shown that we are living in a time when people of African descent all other the world are prepared to stand up and say that we want to change.

Let us work together. For example, if we in the UK know where your business is when we come to visit the country that you are resident in, we can shop with you, supporting your business and circulating money within our community, enriching both you and ourselves in the process. If you are visiting the UK, you can do the same. This works for every country in the world that people of African heritage are resident in. We build, we become stronger, together.

Christiana O'Connor
Christiana O'Connor is an author and a firm believer in self-determination for all of the African descent. She has published 2 books with Amazon, “Playing the Race Card (A Chip on my Shoulder)” and “Black 365”; both were written to help people of African ancestry understand and cope with racially oppressive systems.
Rashid Nix
Rashid Nix is a problem solver, strategic thinker and Green Party political spokesperson; he sits on the board of several charities and has a background in education and media.