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Media (RH) Resources Hub January 10, 2021 Barbara Blake-Hannah: how Britain’s first black female TV reporter was forced off our screens

Her own place in that history is being reclaimed. This year, the annual British Journalism awards awarded the inaugural Barbara Blake-Hannah prize to the Independent’s Kuba Shand-Baptiste. The award for up-and-coming minority ethnic journalist also had the coolest prize – to fly out to Jamaica to meet Blake-Hannah.

Media (RH) Resources Hub January 7, 2021 DR DRE HOSPITALISED WITH BRAIN ANEURYSM

An aneurysm is a bulge in a weakened blood vessel where the blood pressure causes a small area to bulge outwards.

Media (RH) Resources Hub December 17, 2020 Interview: John Boyega interview: ‘It’s important to voice your truth’

He takes pride in being born and raised in London, and how the melding of strong characters, the deep ties to African cultures, the music and the food have shaped him.

Media (RH) Resources Hub December 16, 2020 David Oyelowo: ‘Nowhere on Earth has been better at covering up racism than Great Britain’

At school Oyelowo was bullied for being a swot – other black students called him a coconut. His faith kept him going throughout.

Media (RH) Resources Hub October 5, 2020 Ashley Banjo: ‘Britain isn’t racist. But racism here is real’

Almost 25,000 viewers complained to Ofcom about Ashley Banjo and Diversity’s powerful performance on Britain’s Got Talent last month, making it one of the most talked about television moments of the decade. But does this make Britain inherently racist?

Media (RH) Resources Hub October 1, 2020 “These Stories Needed to Be Told”: Steve McQueen and the Golden Age of Resistance

“These to me were stories that needed to be told. Stories that shaped the landscape of Britain. That’s how big these stories were.

Media (RH) Resources Hub September 12, 2020 Toots Hibbert of Toots & The Maytals dies

Toots was 77 years of age and had been contracted Covid-19.

Media (RH) Resources Hub September 3, 2020 Alex Pascall: the broadcaster who gave a voice to black Britain – and is now taking on the BBC

he morning after that historic meeting between Bob Marley and the Mighty Sparrow, Pascall, still on a high, bounded into the office. “Where’s the tape recording of last night?” he asked. No one knew. Pascall searched the office and eventually found it. It had been put in the bin.

Media (RH) Resources Hub September 2, 2020 Reggae Singer Toots Hibbert In Medically-Induced Coma

It was less than a week ago that the prolific hitmaker, who has been in the business for close to six decades, released his latest album, Got To Be Tough, on the Trojan Jamaica label.

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