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Law (RH) Resources Hub June 17, 2021 Justice minister Lord Wolfson QC derides barristers’ chambers for changing its name over slave trade links

The firm was named after the Earl of Hardwicke, a 18th century Lord Chancellor whose legal opinion was used by slave owners to provide legal advice to justify slavery.

Law (RH) Resources Hub March 12, 2021 The UK is secretly testing a controversial web snooping tool

For the last two years police and internet companies across the UK have been quietly building and testing surveillance technology that could log and store the web browsing of every single person in the country.

Law (RH) Resources Hub February 22, 2021 U.K. High Court Says Nigerians Can Sue Shell in Britain Over Oil Spills

Britain’s Supreme Court said Friday that a group of about 50,000 Nigerian farmers and fishermen could bring a case in London’s High Court against Royal Dutch Shell over years of oil spills in the Niger Delta that have polluted their land, wells and waterways.


The bronze statue, which had stood in Colston Avenue since 1895, had long been a focal point for public anger at the continued commemoration of people who had been involved in the city’s slave trade. A petition for its removal had gained thousands of signatures.

Law (RH) Resources Hub September 5, 2020 After 6 Murder Trials and Nearly 24 Years, Charges Dropped Against Curtis Flowers

In the most recent trial, Mr. Flowers was convicted and sentenced to death, but his lawyers appealed the conviction to the U.S. Supreme Court, which ruled last year that the prosecutor, Doug Evans had unconstitutionally kept Black people from serving on the jury.

Law (RH) Resources Hub August 16, 2020 UK: When is a conviction spent?

This page is for information only. It is not provided as legal advice.

Law (RH) Resources Hub August 11, 2020 Black Teen Requests To Be Tried As A White Man

“This data shows that if I go into this trial as a black man I am definitely going to jail. I would like for the judge and jury to study these past cases so they can release that no matter how I plead I am going to be found guilty

Law (RH) Resources Hub August 5, 2020 SOLICITOR APPRENTICESHIPS

Solicitor apprenticeships available with Leigh Day solicitors. Closing date: 04.09.2020

Law (RH) Prison (RH) Resources Hub August 1, 2020 Black People in the UK Are Going to Jail for Crimes They Didn’t Commit. Here’s Why

“A gang narrative was forced onto my brother who had no convictions and had never been to prison”

Law (RH) Resources Hub August 1, 2020 Police cautions, warnings and penalty notices (UK)

Cautions are given to anyone aged 10 or over for minor crimes

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