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Police (RH) Resources Hub June 17, 2021 Robyn Williams: Sacked Met officer wins appeal against dismissal

Compare and contrast the Metropolitan Police’s treatment of officers Pc Deniz Jaffer and Pc Jamie Lewis who remain in their jobs after taking selfies with the bodies of sisters Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman. See the end of this article for the link.

Encyclopaedia Africana O September 5, 2020 OLASENI LEWIS

And we have heard about the brute force with which the police held Seni in a prolonged restraint which they knew to be dangerous: a restraint that was maintained until Seni was dead for all intents and purposes.

Police (RH) Resources Hub August 11, 2020 Stephen Lawrence racist murder: ‘The Met might give up, I never will’

Racist murder victim Stephen Lawrence’s mother has vowed she will never give up on her son despite the Met Police declaring investigations “inactive”.

B Encyclopaedia Africana August 10, 2020 BRITISH BLACK PANTHER PARTY

The high point of their advocacy work was their defense of the Mangrove restaurant that was the central meeting place for Notting Hill’s Caribbean community.

Encyclopaedia Africana R August 10, 2020 RASHAN CHARLES

While unresponsive, he is subjected to further prolonged restraint, ceasing only after a police medic arrives on the scene.”

Police (RH) Resources Hub August 3, 2020 Former police chief convicted over child abuse video granted court of appeal hearing

Robyn Williams was sacked in March despite never having viewed unsolicited video

Police (RH) Resources Hub July 30, 2020 Who will hold the police to account for racist acts?

The idea that you can link propensity to crime with a whole community’s race and culture is what got us here in the first place.

Politics (RH) Resources Hub July 29, 2020 UK minister says family of boy arrested over toy gun ‘inflamed tensions’

Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch wrongly claimed officers were unarmed during the incident in north London.

Encyclopaedia Africana R July 13, 2020 ROLAN ADAMS

They were attacked by a group of 15 teenagers who chased them, calling them ‘niggers’.

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