British racists racially aggravated violence

Encyclopaedia Africana K February 7, 2021 KELSO COCHRANE MURDER & THE AFTERMATH, 1959

Kelso Cochrane moved to London from Antigua in 1954, where he settled in Notting Hill and worked as a carpenter. He planned to study law and was saving money earned from his work to pay for his tuition fees.

Encyclopaedia Africana N January 17, 2021 New Cross Fire: Forty years on from the New Cross fire, what has changed for black Britons?

New Cross is fundamental because it contains all the features of racism that Black people in Britain have long suffered: the racial violence, police abuse, neglect by the state; in turn, it tells us of the community’s resistance. Forty years on, recalling the events seems vital, especially in this moment of renewed optimism after the Black Lives Matter protests, because the legacies of New Cross still resonate.


Research uncovered “stories of girls as young as eight who were kidnapped and raped and infected with syphilis. Teenage girls were kept for sex and chained up at night to stop them running away.

Encyclopaedia Africana T September 19, 2020 TASMANIAN GENOCIDE

“Death pursues the native in every place where the European sets foot.”

Media (RH) Resources Hub August 10, 2020 TWEET: KWAME KWEI-ARMAH

The prime minister doesn’t doubt that there continues to be discrimination and racism, but he would not agree that this is a racist country.

Miscellaneous (RH) Resources Hub August 2, 2020 K-Dogg: Arrests made over Bristol race attack on NHS worker

He suffered serious injuries including a broken leg, nose and cheekbone.

Miscellaneous (RH) Resources Hub July 29, 2020 Bristol NHS worker speaks after racially aggravated hit and run

Avon and Somerset Police are treating the incident as racially aggravated.

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