Encyclopaedia Africana G March 13, 2021 GEORGE BRIDGETOWER

It is known his mother was a Polish European, his father was of African ancestry, and he was born in Poland.

Encyclopaedia Africana W March 6, 2021 WALTER TULL

His life stands testament to a determination to confront those people and those obstacles that sought to diminish him and the world in which he lived. It reveals a man, though rendered breathless in his prime, whose strong heart still beats loudly.”

Encyclopaedia Africana J February 26, 2021 JOHN RICHARD ARCHER

n 1921, he chaired the Pan-African Congress in London and, in 1922, he became the Labour Party’s secretary election agent for Shapuril Saklatrala, an Indian-born communist activist in North Battersea. He worked for Saklatrala until 1924 when the Communist and Labour Parties split.

B Encyclopaedia Africana November 22, 2020 THE BARBADOS SLAVE CODE – An analysis

Legally sanctioned sheer brutality was necessary to maintain a regime where men, women and children were worked to death like beasts of burden.

B Encyclopaedia Africana November 22, 2020 BARBADOS, 1625 -SETTLEMENT BY THE ENGLISH

Across the Americas, the Spanish and Portuguese and then the Dutch were heavily involved in trading Africans to the New World. By 1663, England’s Royal Adventurers to Africa were fully involved as well, regularly offering slaves for sale in the West Indies for £17 each .

C Encyclopaedia Africana October 12, 2020 COURTTIA NEWLAND

They are still treating us like “other,” they are not treating us like we are part of the fabric of the society, they are still treating us like an anomaly.


Many of the enslaved Africans were branded with the initials ‘DY’, standing for Duke of York. They were shipped to Barbados and other Caribbean islands to work on the new sugar plantations, as well as further north to England’s American colonies.

Encyclopaedia Africana O October 9, 2020 OLAUDAH EQUIANO: BRITISH LIBRARY ENTRY

He was baptised at St Margaret’s Church, Westminster, in February 1759.

Miscellaneous (RH) Resources Hub September 15, 2020 BARBADOS TO DASH WEH ELIZABETH AS HEAD OF STATE

If Barbados goes through with its plans, it will join Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana as members of CARICOM’s ‘Big Four’ to sever ties with the monarchy.

D Encyclopaedia Africana September 5, 2020 DAVID HAREWOOD

He grew up in Small Heath and is an avid Birmingham City FC fan.

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