Politicians and political commentators have been key in mainstreaming the Great Replacement narrative by making explicit and implicit references to the conspiracy theory in their speeches, social media posts and policies.

Encyclopaedia Africana W March 6, 2021 WALTER RODNEY

All of the countries named as “underdeveloped” in the world are exploited by others; and the underdevelopment with which the world is now preoccupied is a product of capitalist, imperialist and colonialist exploitation.

Encyclopaedia Africana W March 6, 2021 WALTER TULL

His life stands testament to a determination to confront those people and those obstacles that sought to diminish him and the world in which he lived. It reveals a man, though rendered breathless in his prime, whose strong heart still beats loudly.”

Encyclopaedia Africana W March 6, 2021 WINNIE MADIKIZELA MANDELA

“All what we fought for is not what is going on right now. It is a tragedy that he lived and saw what was happening, we cannot pretend like South Africa is not in crisis, our country is in crisis and anyone who cannot see that is just bluffing themselves.”
– 2017

Encyclopaedia Africana W February 20, 2021 WILLIAM O’ NEAL

While the story of Hampton’s death is fairly well known, O’Neal’s involvement in the matter is often oddly overlooked.

Encyclopaedia Africana W November 8, 2020 WHITENESS

When Malcolm left the NOI, one of his first intellectual acts was to dispel the idea that all White people are individually evil. He did not, however, lose his critical take on Whiteness, instead condemning the system as wicked rather than every White individual.

Encyclopaedia Africana W October 26, 2020 New hidden slave trade sites in Wales revealed

“This is a history we have all been shaped by, albeit unequally.”

Encyclopaedia Africana W September 17, 2020 WAYNE WONDER

Wonder played an important role in the success of Buju Banton, writing Banton’s early hits “Murderer,” “Deportee,” and “Boom Bye Bye”; recording a duet (“Bonafide Love [Movie Star]”); and touring the world together.

Encyclopaedia Africana W September 13, 2020 THE WHITE AUSTRALIA POLICY

As a policy, White Australia is gone. But as an ideology, it arguably lingers on. There certainly is a minority who want to “reclaim” an imagined idyllic Australia of yesteryear, with its white monoculture.

Encyclopaedia Africana W September 11, 2020 W.E.B. DUBOIS

“Either the United States will destroy ignorance or ignorance will destroy the United States.”

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