Encyclopaedia Africana G March 13, 2021 GEORGE BRIDGETOWER

It is known his mother was a Polish European, his father was of African ancestry, and he was born in Poland.

Image credit: Cuney-Hare, Maud, 1874-1936, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

B Encyclopaedia Africana February 26, 2021 BAABA MAAL

Baaba Maal released in 1991 Baayo and in 1994 Firin’In Fouta, two albums that again combined traditional Western African rhythms and instruments to more modern sonorities notably with the intervention of several European musicians.

Encyclopaedia Africana M February 26, 2021 MANU DIBANGO

In 1972, he was thrust into the international spotlight with the release of his hugely popular song “Soul Makossa.” His success with this song also made him the first African artist to make the US Top 40 charts. The song was originally a B-side to the anthem for the Africa Cup of Nations football tournament and features Dibango’s saxophone skills.

Encyclopaedia Africana S February 19, 2021 SAM COOKE

His compositions have been featured in numerous films and TV shows including Animal House, Witness, Ali, Malcolm X, Presenting Princess Shaw, Treme, The Gods of Wall Street, American Idol, the X Factor and The Voice as well as in the Olivier nominated play One Night in Miami.

Encyclopaedia Africana J September 12, 2020 JACOB “KILLER” MILLER

Known for his signature vibrato style, later influencing singers such as Dennis Brown and George Nooks, Jacob Miller left behind hits including Tenement Yard, Tired Fe Lick Weed In a Bush and Everything Great.

Encyclopaedia Africana P September 11, 2020 PETER TOSH

“Don’t care where you come from/As long as you’re a black man, you’re an African.”

Oct'20 What's Going On September 10, 2020 29.10.2020: Nubya Garcia, live & online event, The Barbican Centre

Nubya’s hypnotic, freeflow jazz takes its influences from across the Caribbean and Latin America, drawing deeply from her family’s roots. Dub reggae, cumbia, afrobeat and neo-soul can all clearly be heard alongside more traditional jazz rhythms.

Encyclopaedia Africana M September 8, 2020 MARCUS MILLER

In addition to these career highlights, Miller has a rich and very deep resume of outstanding collaborations, including a 15- year song-writing and production partnership with Luther Vandross, resulting in 13 consecutive platinum selling albums of which Miller Produced 7, and a double Grammy win in 1992.

Encyclopaedia Africana G September 8, 2020 GEORGE BENSON

In 1976, George Benson appeared as a guitarist and backup vocalist on Stevie Wonder’s song “Another Star” from Wonder’s album Songs in the Key of Life.

Encyclopaedia Africana R September 7, 2020 RAY CHARLES

In 1986, Ray Charles formed The Robinson Foundation for Hearing Disorders, Inc., with a $1 million personal endowment.

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