E Encyclopaedia Africana October 7, 2022 The Reign of Elizabeth II

A summary of the reign of Elizabeth II and events that took place during her reign

Encyclopaedia Africana K April 7, 2021 KOFI ANNAN

On January 1, 1997, Kofi Annan became the Secretary-General of the United Nations. He served a second five year term beginning in 2002. Annan is the first Secretary-General to have been appointed from a UN staff position.

Encyclopaedia Africana J March 8, 2021 JERRY RAWLINGS

“The most dangerous mistake of any political force is to forget its roots.”

D Encyclopaedia Africana February 9, 2021 DAVID ADJAYE

Ultimately, for Adjaye, architecture is “a social act” — it’s about constructing buildings that acknowledge and understand their histories, whilst creating something entirely new, in order to serve communities into their futures.

Miscellaneous (RH) Resources Hub February 9, 2021 DAVID ADJAYE RECEIVES THE 2021 ROYAL GOLD MEDAL FROM THE RIBA

he judges praised Adjaye as “a singular and timely talent and a strong reminder of the insightful and integrative role of the architect”.

Encyclopaedia Africana M November 21, 2020 MABEL DOVE DANQUAH

Also known variously as Marjorie Mensah, Dama Damas, Ebun Alakija and Akosua Dzatsu, Dove would continue to breach the fixed and rigid boundaries of what was expected of women.

Encyclopaedia Africana G October 17, 2020 THE GOLDEN STOOL: ASANTE, GHANA

The Ashanti maintained the Golden Stool as their most prized possession. Before they went to war, their war chiefs consulted it. As time progressed and as the Ashanti scored more victories over their rivals, turning their kingdom into an empire, the Golden Stool became even more revered.

Encyclopaedia Africana Y October 17, 2020 YAA ASANTEWAA: GHANA

Her exploits should spur on African women in particular and all peoples of African descent to work selflessly to uphold the values and traditions of African society.

Encyclopaedia Africana O October 9, 2020 OTTOBAH CUGOANO: BRITISH LIBRARY ENTRY

It was the first book written by an African to demand the total abolition of the slave trade. It was also the first to press for reparations to African nations impacted by large-scale human trafficking.

D Encyclopaedia Africana September 25, 2020 DZAGBELE MATILDA ASANTE

The prevalent Windrush narrative belies the fact that there were African nurses born in Britain or from Africa in the health service before and during the fledgling years of the NHS. History consultant Kwaku provides one such story with a familial connection.

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