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Resources Hub Sports (RH) November 17, 2020 Lewis Hamilton named most influential Black person in UK

Lewis Hamilton has been named as the most influential Black person in Britain after a year in which he combined record-breaking achievements on the track with raising awareness of racial injustice.

Oct'20 What's Going On October 3, 2020 11.10.2020: Enslaved, Samuel L Jackson & Efua Hirsch

Enslaved: The Lost History of the Transatlantic Slave Trade shines light on 400 years of human trafficking and the millions of Africans who were shipped to the Americas.

General (LT) Listening Tree September 10, 2020 Racist responses to Marcus Rashford’s campaign for children are no surprise

It’s no surprise that racist narratives quickly surfaced in response to Rashford’s project of poverty alleviation.

Media (RH) Resources Hub September 3, 2020 Alex Pascall: the broadcaster who gave a voice to black Britain – and is now taking on the BBC

he morning after that historic meeting between Bob Marley and the Mighty Sparrow, Pascall, still on a high, bounded into the office. “Where’s the tape recording of last night?” he asked. No one knew. Pascall searched the office and eventually found it. It had been put in the bin.

A Encyclopaedia Africana August 7, 2020 AFUA HIRSCH

I wondered why the media portrayed the African continent as a backwards place of violence and poverty. How is Africa regarded as poor when the UK was still enjoying centuries of African wealth – after building Britain on African physical, intellectual and mineral resources?

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