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General (LT) Listening Tree June 29, 2021 MENELIK SHABAZZ JOINS THE ANCESTORS

Today we received the news that Director Menelik Shabazz had transitioned to become an ancestor while filming his latest movie, The Spirits Return, in Zimbabwe on 28 June 2021.


it should be no surprise that the Black celebrity has in recent years emerged as the unofficial spokesperson for the Black race in the West.

General (LT) Listening Tree April 2, 2021 The poisonously patronising Sewell report is historically illiterate

It was produced by a commission led by figures who had rejected the concept of institutional racism years before they began work. Arguably it has achieved exactly what the government wanted.

General (LT) Listening Tree November 29, 2020 The Banana Republic of Great Britain is the home of corruption

There is something darkly comical about the nation turning itself into the very definition of the Banana republic: ‘a small country, that is poor, corrupt, and badly ruled’.

General (LT) Listening Tree November 29, 2020 Reports won’t rescue you from racism – they might do the opposite

These bunch of charlatans have turned the tokenistic gestures of the race relations industry into full-on acts of gaslighting.

General (LT) Listening Tree November 19, 2020 Interview: Paul Gilroy: ‘I don’t think we can afford the luxury of pessimism’

Demographically, the Caribbean population has shrunk and the dominant Black settler populations in Britain now are African people from different places, who arrived here under different conditions. Some, not all, arrived as refugees, some as middle-class people with more access to capital. So that generates a very different Blackness.

General (LT) Listening Tree November 14, 2020 I am not your BAME person

James Cleverly, Conservative Party MP (surely one of the least appropriately named people of all time), managed to trump them all when he spoke for all ‘BAME people’ in defence of chancellor Rishi Sunak.

General (LT) Listening Tree November 9, 2020 Paul Gilroy: ‘Whiteness Just Ain’t Worth What it Used to Be’

If we really wanted to understand what racism did to the UK, we had to see how closely racism was entwined with nationalism, and how much, in enunciating one, there was an enunciation of the other.

General (LT) Listening Tree September 27, 2020 IF I WERE A RACIST by NATE HOLDER

If I were a racist,
I’d know that,
Even though the notes may be black,
The spaces would remain white.


General (LT) Listening Tree September 27, 2020 WAR by BOB MARLEY

We Africans will fight we find it necessary
And we know we shall win
As we are confident
In the victory

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