CREATIVE ARTS (MP) Marketplace April 23, 2021 BOOK: OJA & THE PARROT’S CURSE

In the modest but peace-loving village of Umuzura, everyone enjoys the fruits of their colourful culture and ample agriculture. Who would start worrying about any prophecy that their happy lives and freedom is doomed to some disaster – even if it wasn’t the village parrot that said so?

HEALTH & WELLBEING (MP) Marketplace February 21, 2021 RHYS WILLIAMS

Personal Assistant For The Recently Bereaved

I’ll sit, I’ll walk, I’ll talk with you, I’ll be there when you need someone…

HEALTH & WELLBEING (MP) Marketplace September 16, 2020

In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist.
We must be anti-racist
Angela Davis

Marketplace VIDEOGRAPHY (MP) September 1, 2020 VIDEOMAZTER

The experience I have gained is second to none and has assisted me in becoming one of the leading production platforms in London.

Marketplace VISUAL MEDIA (MP) August 28, 2020 NADIA DENTON

I am also an official V&A African Heritage Tour Guide.

LIFE COACH (MP) Marketplace August 20, 2020 Jonathan Lilley

Jonathan Lilley is a teacher, author and life coach.

Marketplace MENTORING & COACHING (MP) August 15, 2020 Dr Joan Myers

Dr Joan Myers OBE has a friendly but professional manner and uses tips and words of wisdom to help you to progress and gives you the confidence to take that step of faith to go to the next level.

HAIRCARE (MP) Marketplace August 13, 2020 BOADI BONNETS

Bonnets for sleeping and daywear.

HOUSEHOLD REPAIRS (MP) Marketplace July 31, 2020 Handy 24 7

Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we can do all the odd jobs that need doing that you don’t have time to do.

DRY CLEANERS (MP) July 20, 2020 Ravals Dry Cleaners

Quality, reliable dry cleaning and alterations. Based in Hammersmith and Fulham. 118 Dawes Road London SW6 7EG Telephone: 020 7385 1588

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