September 16, 2020

Our aim is to bring about positive change by lobbying employers and government to reduce and eradicate racial discrimination in the Healthcare Sector

Our Nurse led organisation

“Equality 4 Black Nurses”

has been developed In light of the George Floyd incident, the Black Lives Matter movement, Covid-19 and the way it disproportionately and adversely affects Black Health Care staff in the UK due to racism and discrimination in the workplace.

We support you

A Buntu Buddy is trained to be assertive and has good communication skills. They understand a variety of issues that often affect Black Nurses in the workplace and can help the Nurse demystify the situation.

A buntu buddy is a supporter, believer, backer or spokesperson.

The Buntu Buddy has  good insight into the insidious nature of discrimination and unconscious or conscious racial bias. They also understand the complexities and subtleties of systemic and racism inequality.

When faced with conflict in the workplace, nurses may find it a stressful and their judgement may be impaired and may need a buddy who can look out for their best interest and help navigate and understand a sometimes confusing experience.

Contact us via our website for more details of how we can help and support you, if you are experiencing difficulties at work: https://www.equality4blacknurses.com

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