Jonathan Lilley

August 20, 2020

Jonathan Lilley is a teacher, author and life coach. Please see the website (link below) for details of his highly motivational blog (including #coachthursdays and #financefridays) and his range of books with links to buy direct from Amazon.

He also heads up a successful team offering the services listed below. Read on for further information and visit

Curating a Community of Creation

We love to create and we love to help you to create. What would you like to create? From a product to a book, to a website or an app, to a script to a production, we can help you create your plans, help you manage the process, and help with content curation.

We would love to read and help sell your products.

Our team also offers: –

Website creation with

(discounts available for BAME start up businesses, community projects, and websites promoting well-being or self help!)

Business plans/Written sales pitches…

Mastermind groups to enhance your start-up business ideas.

– Business and Marketing Consultancy for existing businesses.


…is the fact we know we are unique, and we shine in our individuality. We are passionate about writing, as a way of helping. 

Jonathan Lilley became a father at 17, 02 Awards Winner for his short film documentary on blogs at 22. Graduated with a BA Honours Content Creation for Broadcasting Degree at 23. Worked at Channel 4 alongside the Commissioning Editors, within his role in the Commercial Affairs Department for 4 years. After redundancy, during the recession and austerity period last decade, he continued his self-employed creative projects, whilst in the day shaping the lives of our future leaders within his role as a mathematics teacher for 6 years. Taekwondo Teacher for 3 years, and throughout his changes in career; one thing remained, his love affair with words. A million love songs later, two million poetry pieces later, and after becoming a leader in training at his local global church, his dream is to see you achieve! 


You train you gain, and with that flame of passion a viewer gazes at you and unknowingly you have inspired. And now they train and they gain.

The domino effect of a doable idea is beautiful. Be beautiful!

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