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Listening Tree Video (LT) March 3, 2021 BLACK PEOPLE’S DAY OF ACTION – 40 YEARS ON

The historically significant day, in 1981, saw over 20,000 people march across London seeking justice for the victims of the New Cross Fire, which had broken out six weeks prior. The tragic Fire had resulted in the death of thirteen black teenagers on the night, and a further death months later. Despite many signs and witness accounts indicating that the fire was racially motivated, the police failed to make any charges.

General (LT) Listening Tree November 29, 2020 Reports won’t rescue you from racism – they might do the opposite

These bunch of charlatans have turned the tokenistic gestures of the race relations industry into full-on acts of gaslighting.

General (LT) Listening Tree November 14, 2020 I am not your BAME person

James Cleverly, Conservative Party MP (surely one of the least appropriately named people of all time), managed to trump them all when he spoke for all ‘BAME people’ in defence of chancellor Rishi Sunak.

Politics (RH) Resources Hub November 8, 2020 US ELECTION 2020: From the growling wolf to the smiling fox

That is the charm of the smiling wolf, tricking you to believing they are on your side.

Encyclopaedia Africana N September 25, 2020 NATIONAL TRUST PROPERTIES’ LINK TO SLAVERY

The National Trust said a third of the properties it manages had direct links to colonialism or slavery. Some have a “hugely uncomfortable” history, it said.


This webinar will explore the impact of historical intergenerational trauma and systemic racism on black people’s mental health

Encyclopaedia Africana K July 13, 2020 KEHINDE ANDREWS

His specialisms are Race, racism and ethnicity; Black Studies; Ethnography; Community activism and Scholar activism.

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