Boris Johnson racist

General (LT) Listening Tree November 29, 2020 The Banana Republic of Great Britain is the home of corruption

There is something darkly comical about the nation turning itself into the very definition of the Banana republic: ‘a small country, that is poor, corrupt, and badly ruled’.

General (LT) Listening Tree November 29, 2020 Reports won’t rescue you from racism – they might do the opposite

These bunch of charlatans have turned the tokenistic gestures of the race relations industry into full-on acts of gaslighting.

B Encyclopaedia Africana November 16, 2020 BORIS JOHNSON’S RECORD ON RACISM

90 per cent of Ugandans live in Stone Age conditions.

Politics (RH) Resources Hub September 3, 2020 Cummings recruit sacked after suggesting police use ‘live rounds’ on BLM protesters

O’Shea stressed he did not mean it seriously. He added: “I didn’t say ‘shoot blacks’ and that was not what I meant or wished.”

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