D Encyclopaedia Africana September 12, 2020 DJIMON HOUNSOU

That is the reason why African ways of life were demonized so much for so long. You’re kept away from having to live fully as who you are. We don’t know anything about our identity. When you are brought up in life, your education is the education of the colony. Your religion is the religion of the colony.

A Encyclopaedia Africana September 1, 2020 AFRICAN RELIGION IN THE AMERICAS & BRAZIL

The African religions migrated to the Americas in the slave ships; carried into the region in the spiritual beliefs held by those whose bodies the colonisers had entrapped, kidnapped and enslaved.

Encyclopaedia Africana R August 31, 2020 ROGER DASILVA

daSilva was “a humble, elegant personality, who had a talent to easily fit into any environment”. These characteristics are seen just as much in his photography, which helps to form not just an image of Senegal at this time, but of himself too.

A Encyclopaedia Africana August 26, 2020 ROYAL PALACES OF ABOMEY (BENIN)

The Royal Palaces of Abomey are a group of monuments of great historical and cultural value.

B Encyclopaedia Africana August 22, 2020 BOTSWANA NATIONAL ANTHEM

Blessèd be this noble land,
Gift to us from God’s strong hand,
Heritage our fathers left to us.
May it always be at peace.

B Encyclopaedia Africana August 22, 2020 BENIN NATIONAL ANTHEM

Children of Bénin, arise!
The resounding cry of freedom
Is heard at the first light of dawn;
Children of Bénin, arise!

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