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Encyclopaedia Africana K February 14, 2021 AFRICAN KINGDOMS: KUSH. Rival to Egypt, the Nubian kingdom of Kush exuded power and gold

Adorned with tall, slender pyramids, the wealthy Nile city of Meroë was the seat of power of Kush, an ancient kingdom and rival to Egypt.

Encyclopaedia Africana T August 28, 2020 TIMBUKTU (MALI)

Brief synthesis Located at the gateway to the Sahara desert, within the confines of the fertile zone of the Sudan  and in an exceptionally  propitious site near to the river, Timbuktu is one of the cities of Africa whose name is the most heavily charged with history. Founded in the 5th century, the economic and …

D Encyclopaedia Africana August 28, 2020 OLD TOWNS OF DJENNE (MALI)

The property is an ensemble that over many years has symbolised the typical African city.

C Encyclopaedia Africana August 28, 2020 CHONGONI ROCK ART (MALAWI)

The rock art of the Chongoni sites records the cultural history and traditions of the peoples of the Malawi plateau: the transition from a foraging lifestyle to food production, the subsequent Ngoni invasion of the Chewa people, and the coming of the white man.

A Encyclopaedia Africana August 27, 2020 ASANTE TRADITIONAL BUILDINGS (GHANA)

The group of buildings is the only surviving example of the Asante traditional architecture.

Encyclopaedia Africana S August 27, 2020 STONE CIRCLES OF SENEGAMBIA (GAMBIA)

The circles of stones reflect a sophisticated and productive society.

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