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Health (RH) Resources Hub January 17, 2021 2021: Black women in the UK four times more likely to die in pregnancy or childbirth (2020: 5 x more likely)

Importantly, the report highlighted that preventive action is not just vital within maternity services. Public health actions are equally important.

Health (RH) Resources Hub December 11, 2020 Covid & the violent history of vaccines and Black communities

The facts of science exist very sharply in our communities as we have carried some of the heaviest burdens of Covid-related bereavement – pain that is made sharper by the inability to be able to comfort each other and say goodbye to loved ones in ways that our communities usually do.

Health (RH) Resources Hub September 1, 2020 DR HAROLD MOODY: GOOGLE DOODLE

In 1931, Harold Moody founded the League of Coloured Peoples.

Health (RH) Resources Hub August 1, 2020 Phyllis Omido: The woman who won $12m fighting lead battery poisoners

Ms Omido says that “money cannot even compensate”, but the funds can be used for medication and treatment.

Health (RH) Resources Hub July 31, 2020 ‘Black people need to be included in BMI research’

Health is not just a number, healthcare professionals need to understand a patient’s culture and background, which can all have an influence.

Health (RH) Resources Hub July 30, 2020 Genetic impact of African slave trade revealed in DNA study

The research uses genetic connections to Africans found in people living today in the Americas

Health (RH) Resources Hub July 30, 2020 Black Health Matters

For too long, Black health and Black lives have been ignored. The statistics reveal this reality.

Health (RH) Resources Hub July 30, 2020 Racial discrimination may harm Black people’s cognitive health, study finds

“There are African American and other racial/ethnic minority patients who admit to a decreased ability to concentrate, remember things, etc. in the context of the current racial and social unrest

Health (RH) Resources Hub July 29, 2020 Covid studies to examine virus link with ethnicity

UK scientists are to receive millions of pounds of government funding for a raft of studies to learn why people from an ethnic minority background are at greater risk from Covid-19.

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