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Police (RH) Resources Hub August 18, 2020 Black Met Police inspector ‘racially harassed’ by officers

In his formal complaint, Insp Ehikioya wrote: “The officers did not believe or did not care that I was an officer, because I am black.

Police (RH) Resources Hub July 26, 2020 Met Commander defends officers who arrested 12 year old over toy gun

Ms Agyepong said her son had “undoubtedly” been racially profiled.

B Encyclopaedia Africana July 15, 2020 BIBAA HENRY & NICOLE SMALLMAN

By the early hours of the following morning, neither had returned home. Their family and friends became concerned and reported them missing.

Encyclopaedia Africana S July 13, 2020 STEPHEN LAWRENCE

The following is an extract from The Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report (commonly known as the MacPherson Report after Sir William MacPherson of Cluny, who led the inquiry).

Encyclopaedia Africana R July 13, 2020 ROLAN ADAMS

They were attacked by a group of 15 teenagers who chased them, calling them ‘niggers’.

D Encyclopaedia Africana July 12, 2020 DUWAYNE BROOKS

Duwayne survived but was traumatized by the ordeal and the treatment that he received at the hands of London’s Metropolitan Police and the media thereafter.

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