July 12, 2020

As a teenager in 1993, Duwayne was waiting at a bus stop in Eltham, (a district of London, England) with his best friend, Stephen Lawrence when they were attacked by a gang of white supremacists. In the course of the attack, 18-year-old Stephen was stabbed to death. Duwayne survived but was traumatized by the ordeal and the treatment that he received at the hands of London’s Metropolitan Police and the media thereafter.

Extract from the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report (MacPherson Report):

“5.7 The greatest trauma suffered by Mr Brooks was that he saw his friend murdered, dying on the pavement, and dead as he was carried into the hospital. And he has had to endure that night, and the whole course of the failed investigation. He was a primary victim of the racist attack. He is also the victim of all that has followed, including the conduct of the case and the treatment of himself as a witness and not as a victim.”

See also: The MacPherson Report; Stephen Lawrence.

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