Encyclopaedia Africana V February 27, 2021 VERONICA CAMPBELL-BROWN

Competing at the 2000 Summer Olympics, the eighteen year old won her first Olympic medal, claiming silver in the 4×100 relay.

Encyclopaedia Africana V August 30, 2020 VANESSA WILLIAMS

Vanessa is one of the world’s most accomplished concert artists, appearing regularly with the most prestigious symphony orchestras in the world.

Encyclopaedia Africana V August 28, 2020 VICTOR CORNELINS

When the colonial exhibition ended, the children were never returned home to St. Croix. Instead, they were placed in the orphanage, Vajsenhuset, in Copenhagen.

Encyclopaedia Africana V August 8, 2020 VENUS WILLIAMS

If police brutality can exist and be tolerated so many years at this scale, imagine the other insidious acts of racism that permeate our country

Encyclopaedia Africana V July 13, 2020 VIV ANDERSON

In 1978, he played one game for England Under 21 team and from 1978 to 1988, 30 games for the England national team.

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