Jamaica Past (images)

October 5, 2022

A Grand Jamaica ball! or the Creolean hop a la muftee; as exhibited in Spanish Town

Note that the people of African origin are either servers or onlookers

Stone carriers, Jamaica: 1900
Milk delivery, 1900
Jamaican house-wives doing their morning marketing – Jubilee market, Kingston, Jamaica: 1900
A typical home of a Jamaican, Bog Walk, Jamaica, W. I.: 1900

The homes occupied by the colonisers were far grander than these, with on-tap water

A typical home of Jamaica negro, Bog Walk, Jamaica, W. I.: 1900
Children reciting in a school house, 1904

Where Jamaica Rum is made,–mixing cistern, pump and vats in the liquor department of the Mona Sugar Estate, Jamaica: 1904
At one of the refugee camps on the race course, Kingston disaster, Jamaica, 1907
Jamaican natives cooking dinner in midst of the ruins of their former homes, Kingston disaster, Jamaica: 1907

Jubilee Market on Orange Street, in heart of the devastated district, Kingston Disaster, Jamaica [Earthquake, Kingston, Jamaica, 1907]

Jubilee Market, Kingston, 1923
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