White supremacy

Miscellaneous (RH) Resources Hub November 19, 2020 SAINSBURY’S CHRISTMAS ADVERT: THE GRAVY SONG

Sainsbury’s have spoken out after their decision to feature a Black family in a Christmas advert was met with racist comments and racist shoppers threatening to boycott the supermarket.

Encyclopaedia Africana G November 19, 2020 GENERATION IDENTITY

GI has created militaristic training camps across Europe that feature combat training as well as anti-Islamic and anti-immigrant speakers.

E Encyclopaedia Africana November 18, 2020 ENGLISH DEFENCE LEAGUE

We stand because the Government refuses to stand up for us and the thousands of young women and girls abused by Muslim gangs up and down this country. We call it rape jihad because it is not only an attack on the individual girls it is an attack on the foundation of this country, on our future mothers.

C Encyclopaedia Africana November 18, 2020 COMBAT 18

Founded in London; chapters exist in the United Kingdom, United States, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and Argentina.

Encyclopaedia Africana N November 17, 2020 THE NATIONAL FRONT

The National Front was formed in 1967 as a result of the merger of three far right groups – the League of Empire Loyalists, the British National Party and the Racial Preservation Society. It was subsequently joined by the more explicitly neo-Nazi Greater Britain Movement, whose leadership came to dominate the NF.

Miscellaneous (RH) Resources Hub November 6, 2020 Rugby teenager Paul Dunleavy jailed for terror offences

A teenager who was part of a banned neo-Nazi group has been jailed for preparing acts of terrorism.

Encyclopaedia Africana J October 10, 2020 JONATHAN PRICE

According to statements from witnesses, Price was trying to defend a woman involved in a domestic dispute at a convenience store in Wolfe City, Texas, sometime after 8 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 3.

Encyclopaedia Africana T September 14, 2020 TAMLA ST.JOUR-HORSFORD

Tamla Horsford’s death was ruled an accident, the medical examiner finding that her broken bones and internal injuries were consistent with the result of a fall off a 14-foot-high deck after a night of drinking.


The idea of “chastity” among Aboriginal women was considered by the European men as “preposterous”.

A Encyclopaedia Africana September 9, 2020 ASHLEY BANJO

For the thousands of messages of hate and ignorance – Thank you. You highlight exactly what needs to change.”

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