Star Wars

Media (RH) Resources Hub December 17, 2020 Interview: John Boyega interview: ‘It’s important to voice your truth’

He takes pride in being born and raised in London, and how the melding of strong characters, the deep ties to African cultures, the music and the food have shaped him.

General (LT) Listening Tree September 15, 2020 JOHN BOYEGA PARTS COMPANY WITH JO MALONE LONDON

We recognise that this was painful and that offence was caused. We respect, John, and support our partners and fans globally.

General (LT) Listening Tree September 2, 2020 John Boyega: ‘I’m the only cast member whose experience of Star Wars was based on their race’

“I’m the only cast member who had their own unique experience of that franchise based on their race,” he says, holding my gaze. “Let’s just leave it like that. It makes you angry with a process like that. It makes you much more militant; it changes you. Because you realise, ‘I got given this opportunity but I’m in an industry that wasn’t even ready for me.’ Nobody else in the cast had people saying they were going to boycott the movie because [they were in it].

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