School education in Britain

E Encyclopaedia Africana February 4, 2021 RACISM IN EDUCATION – STUART HALL FOUNDATION RACE REPORT (UK) – 2021

Ethnic minority groups constitute 26% of all undergraduate students in England. However, they are less likely to attend Russell Group Universities, with the Black group particularly under-represented

Education (RH) Resources Hub October 29, 2020 Most Black British children report experiencing racism at school

“What struck us most was the sheer level of acceptance but also exhaustion in the Black community, for people so young to be so tainted by this.

Education (RH) Resources Hub September 28, 2020 Black working-class pupils unfairly excluded in England, thinktank warns

government responses to inner-city youth rebellions and moral panics over serious youth violence and knife crime have led to black pupils disproportionately being sent to pupil referral units (PRU) and alternative provision (AP).

Education (RH) Resources Hub July 28, 2020 Secondary school education in Britain – Years 7 & 8

Years 7 and 8 are the first two years of secondary education. In some independent schools they are included in the Junior School, in others, they are part of the Senior School.

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