Encyclopaedia Africana T February 27, 2021 THABO SEFOLOSHA

On George Floyd’s murder:
“You see what happened in Minnesota where three human beings with a badge are watching another human being killing somebody,” Sefolosha said. “And instead of saying, ‘OK, this is my duty as a human being,’ the duty was more toward not interfering with the other officer and saying, ‘We are a clan, we stick together no matter what.’ It should be the other way around.”

Resources Hub Sports (RH) August 29, 2020 NBA, NBPA issue joint statement on social justice and racial equality

We had a candid, impassioned and productive conversation yesterday between NBA players, coaches and team governors regarding next steps to further our collective efforts and actions in support of social justice and racial equality.

Encyclopaedia Africana W August 6, 2020 WHITE PRIVILEGE

Others will have told you that it’s all just made up to make white people feel bad… and none of this is right.

Resources Hub Sports (RH) July 31, 2020 NBA: LeBron James leads Black Lives Matter protests as season restarts

It’s an opportunity to use this platform to be able to spread a lot of positive, a lot of love, throughout the whole world.

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