Politics (RH) Resources Hub February 12, 2021 Grenfell Tower inquiry: Cladding firm ‘knew of fire risk’

The cassette version of the cladding, formed from flammable materials, has been shown to pose a particular risk in fires on tall buildings and was the type eventually used at Grenfell Tower.

Police (RH) Resources Hub August 3, 2020 Former police chief convicted over child abuse video granted court of appeal hearing

Robyn Williams was sacked in March despite never having viewed unsolicited video

Miscellaneous (RH) Resources Hub July 29, 2020 ‘Race and class’ at the heart of disaster – Grenfell

“Systemic racism goes deep to the heart of the problem that caused the catastrophe.”

July'20 What's Going On July 29, 2020 JULY 29: Race and Rights in the UK – Do Black Lives Matter Today?

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