February 20, 2021

From The US National Archives. Presents accounts of police officers who made raid, Fred Hampton’s fiancee Debora, who was sleeping in the same bed as Chairman Fred Hampton when he was slain, Illinois State Attorney General Edward V. Hanrahan’s complete misrepresentation of what occurred during the unnecessary and unwarranted raid of Black Panther Party Chairman Fred Hampton’s apartment, Chicago, Illinois, on 4 December 1969. Reviews charges and counter charges made by both sides and shows apartment where raid occured. Interviews with “Doc” Sachel, who was injured in raid, and Black Panther Minister of Defense Bobby Rush. Two Chicago area councilmen condemn raid. Black Panther attorney reads from Grand Jury, Federal District Court, Northern District of Illinois report which questions testimony given by officers to Grand Jury.

Closes with an excerpt of a speech by Chairman Fred, explaining why he would rather die a revolutionary than live being subjected to injustice.

Duration: 29 minutes & 45 seconds

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