February 6, 2021

About the Nation of Islam in the United Kingdom

The Nation of Islam is a body of men and women worldwide dedicated to the spiritual and mental resurrection of the human family starting with the “mentally dead” people of the Earth. The term “mentally dead” is an attribute of a people whom, following centuries of slavery, colonisation and being taken up out of their original environment, would become impotent on all the higher levels of human endeavour especially spiritually, morally, socially and economically.

Our membership is comprised of people from a span of backgrounds including from Africa, the Caribbean, the Americas, Asia and Europe. Our work in this country is primarily aimed at peoples of African and Caribbean descent and indeed involves imparting knowledge and performing community activities that can benefit a wide range of communities.

We believe that the condition of black people following our sojourn in slavery, through to colonisation, coupled with a continued system of contemporary mis-education and maltreatment has directly fashioned the current produce and behaviour of this community. We are in particular concerned with the direction of the youth especially in relation to Education, Law and Order, Health and the family unit. Although today an increasing number of people from African and Caribbean backgrounds are recipients of higher university education, the level of degradation within inner city communities is an alarming reality-jolt to those who might lend themselves to either observation or study of society.

We believe that the emergence of people out of this condition into a more productive lifestyle is best achieved through the receiving of an education routed in the knowledge of the One God. That knowledge we believe is indeed a knowledge of the human being him or herself.

We believe that the Honourable Elijah Muhammad was and is Allah’s(God’s) choice of person through which such a knowledge would be revealed in this time and when received by and acted upon by the human being, will cause a transformation in their life. We further believe that the Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan is that one today anointed by Allah (God) to make known and further the teaching and work of the Honourable Elijah Muhammad.

We, the Nation of Islam in the UK, are witness bearers to the great changes that have come about and are indeed occurring to this very day. It is our hope that our work is received by the people of the UK and that its fruits are multiplied.

The Nation of Islam is dedicated also to fostering relationships with progressive organisations desirous of achieving like-minded goals of self-determination and community development. The Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan has tirelessly made inroads towards this end in developing relationships with religious, political and community leaders from a wide variety of faiths and backgrounds.

Louis Farrakhan

In 1986 the Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan was banned from the UK via a Home Office Exclusion Order. In 2001 the Nation of Islam under the representation of Minister Hilary Muhammad (now Minister Abdul Hakeem Muhammad) and a legal team challenged the UK Government’s ban and successfully overturned the ruling on July 31st 2001. The Government followed up their defeat with an appeal that successfully re-applied the Exclusion Order.

The Nation of Islam today continues its efforts to succeed in bringing the person of the Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan to the UK shores.

In the absence of the Honourable Minister Farrakhan’s presence in the UK, members of the Nation of Islam have been successful in reproducing his work. In particular, over the past 19 years, we have maintained full-time education facilities for children.

Additionally, the Honourable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s message of self-improvement and self-determination has taken root in areas outside of London including Birmingham, Liverpool and other major cities – upon further pastures in Europe, including Ireland, France, Germany, Switzerland and Scandinavia.

It is our desire that this website will assist in conveying his message in this country to those that might not readily seek to find out.

The Nation of Islam



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