Notting Hill

Encyclopaedia Africana N March 27, 2021 After 44 years secret papers reveal truth about five nights of violence in Notting Hill

The confidential files, which were closed under the 75-year rule but have been released early, show that senior officers tried to convince the then home secretary, “Rab” Butler, that there had not really been a racial element to the rioting.

Encyclopaedia Africana I February 9, 2021 Coloured people in Great Britain : Summary of press news and comment, September 1958 (UK/43), The Institute of Race Relations

The Daily Express in a public opinion poll claims that 79.1% of the population would prefer control of coloured immigration.

Encyclopaedia Africana N February 7, 2021 THE NOTTING HILL UPRISING, 1958

Crowds of white youths, reportedly numbering 400, chased the Caribbean population in the area. Petrol bombs and milk bottles were launched as missiles, and some rioters armed themselves with iron bars and butcher’s knives. There were counter-attacks by Black youths similarly armed in self defense.

Listening Tree Video (LT) February 7, 2021 CLIP: NOTTING HILL UPRISING, UK, 1958

Tensions between members of the white working class and the new African Caribbean residents broke into open violence in 1958 and 1959 with attacks by white youths (‘Teddy Boys’) on Caribbean people and properties, followed by counter-attacks by members of the Caribbean population.

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