Harry Belafonte

B Encyclopaedia Africana September 2, 2020 BABATUNDE OLATUNJI

Baba sparked a deep sense of pride among African Americans by strongly promoting images of African culture, which in a subtle but significant way, helped set in motion the currents of the early civil rights movement,”

Encyclopaedia Africana H August 2, 2020 HARRY BELAFONTE

His many firsts in the overturning of numerous racial barriers in the world of culture in America are legend.

Encyclopaedia Africana J August 2, 2020 JESSE WILLIAMS

Jesse began his professional career teaching American, African and African-American History in low income Philadelphia public charter schools

Encyclopaedia Africana M August 2, 2020 March on Washington, 1963

He didn’t take a knee, he protested peacefully, but they killed him anyway.

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