E Encyclopaedia Africana October 7, 2022 The Reign of Elizabeth II

A summary of the reign of Elizabeth II and events that took place during her reign

Encyclopaedia Africana M March 20, 2021 MANSA MUSA

In addition to encouraging the arts and architecture, he also funded literature and built schools, libraries and mosques. Timbuktu soon became a centre of education and people travelled from around the world to study at what would become the Sankore University.

Encyclopaedia Africana S August 27, 2020 STONE CIRCLES OF SENEGAMBIA (GAMBIA)

The circles of stones reflect a sophisticated and productive society.

Encyclopaedia Africana G August 20, 2020 GAMBIA NATIONAL ANTHEM

For The Gambia, our homeland,
We strive and work and pray,
That all may live in unity,
Freedom and peace each day.

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