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Uncategorized September 21, 2021 SLAVE BIBLE

“It was intended for use among enslaved Africans in the British West Indies, which is modern day Caribbeans, so Jamaica, Barbados, Antigua,” he says.


Between 1810 and 1940, nearly 35 thousand people were exhibited in world fairs, colonial exhibitions, zoos, freak shows, circuses and reconstructed ethnic villages in Europe, America and Japan. Some 1.5 billion visitors attended these events.

Listening Tree Video (LT) May 3, 2021 AMERICANS WHO EMIGRATED TO THE USSR

Hundreds of African Americans moved to the Soviet Union escaping racial discrimination in the 1930s. At home, African Americans faced a lack of prospects and restrictions which separated them from society. Fed up with constant prejudice, several hundred African Americans left the ‘land of dreams’ to live freely in the Soviet Union.

Video (LT) March 12, 2021 Life Aboard a Slave Ship | History Channel

From approximately 1525 to 1866, an unknown number of captive Africans were forcibly transported across the Middle Passage to serve as slaves in the New World. Life aboard slave ships was agonizing and dangerous; it is thought that 2 million slaves perished on their journey across the Atlantic.

A Encyclopaedia Africana February 14, 2021 AIME CESAIRE

In Paris, Césaire met Senegalese Léopold Sédar Senghor and French Guiana’s Léon Damas. Together they started the journal L’Etudiant Noir (The Black Student) in 1934 to bring together students from Africa and the West Indies. The journal explored the expression of a Pan-African worldview under colonization.

Miscellaneous (RH) Resources Hub February 13, 2021 U.K. High Court Says Nigerians Can Sue Shell in Britain Over Oil Spills

Shell routinely blames the damage on sabotage and criminal activity. According to Shell, Nigerian law requires it to pay compensation for spills caused by operational issues but not for damage resulting from sabotage.

Miscellaneous (RH) Resources Hub February 13, 2021 Will American Ideas Tear France Apart? Some of Its Leaders Think So

The French state does not compile racial statistics, which is illegal, describing it as part of its commitment to universalism and treating all citizens equally under the law. To many scholars on race, however, the reluctance is part of a long history of denying racism in France and the country’s slave-trading and colonial past.

Encyclopaedia Africana R February 10, 2021 THE RACE RELATIONS ACT 1968

The Act defines discrimination as treating a person less favourably than another person o grounds of colour, race, or ethnic or national origins in the provision to the public of goods, facilities and services, and in employment and housing.

Encyclopaedia Africana H February 6, 2021 HANS MASSAQUOI

“I associated Black skin with superiority, since our servants were white,” said Mr. Massaquoi.

Encyclopaedia Africana R February 6, 2021 UK – Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain Report, 2000

The Parekh Report
Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain

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