El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz

D Encyclopaedia Africana February 24, 2021 DENZEL WASHINGTON

Denzel Washington has been nominated for an Oscar an impressive eight times for acting roles, and another as a producer.

Encyclopaedia Africana M February 21, 2021 MALCOLM SHABAZZ – REPORT OF THE PASSING OF MALCOLM X’S GRANDSON (2013)

On Friday, a godmother of Malcolm Shabazz, Ruth Clark, said on her Twitter account: “My heart is heavy, yet I find peace that my godson is among the angels.”

Listening Tree Video (LT) February 20, 2021 MALCOLM X INTERVIEWED ON US TV SHOW, FRONT PAGE CHALLENGE: 1965

Malcolm speaks on his split from the Nation of Islam, the accusation that he called Martin Luther King an Uncle Tom; the accusation that he preaches hate and exactly wha he means by saying, by any means necessary.

Listening Tree Video (LT) February 20, 2021 MALCOLM X: DEMOCRACY IS HYPOCRISY

“They attack the victim, and then accuse the victim on attacking them”

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