Belgian Racism

B Encyclopaedia Africana December 12, 2020 THE BELGIAN CONGO (DRC) & KING LEOPOLD II OF BELGIUM

The Belgian king was one of the main encouragers of the Berlin Conference, which redrew the map of Africa – in his own words, Leopold II did not want to take the risk of missing “ A fine chance to secure for ourselves a slice of this magnificent African cake”

Encyclopaedia Africana P September 6, 2020 PATRICE LUMUMBA

Even in its first weeks, Lumumba’s left-nationalist government faced a massive destabilization campaign, as a Belgian-backed secessionist movement launched an armed revolt in Katanga.

Listening Tree Narrative (LT) September 6, 2020 PATRICE LUMUMBA: CONGO INDEPENDENCE DAY SPEECH, 30 JUNE 1960

The Congo’s independence is a decisive step towards the liberation of the whole African continent.

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