March 14, 2021

Image credit: Christopher Macsurak, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

On Sunday 7 March 2021, an interview between American Oprah Winfrey and Meghan Markle (an American actress married to the sixth in line to the British throne, Harry Windsor) aired in the USA, garnering 17 million viewers (in a nation of around 331,000,00). Meghan spoke of the racism that she encountered and which led to her and Harry leaving the UK for good to live in the USA. On Monday 8 March 2021, the program was shown in the UK and was viewed by 12.1 million (in a nation of roughly 66 million),

Prior to the interview, Meghan had received media coverage that consistently compared her adversely to Kate Windsor, wife of Harry’s older brother (and second in line to the British throne) William Windsor. Below is some of the media coverage and an alternative explanation as to why she was disliked, read by British radio show host, James O’Brien.

After Meghan gave birth to her and Harry’s son, Archie, BBC Radio show host Danny Baker tweeted the above image, mocking the baby’s African heritage (which he denied he was doing, saying he had made a “naive and catastrophic mistake”) and was fired from his job by the BBC

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