August 29, 2020

In collaboration with Still We Rise, photojournalist and documentary photographer Vudi Xhymshiti is looking for people who are passionate about photography.

Students enrolling on his courses get to walk out as the brightest new talents in the profession since he began his teaching programmes in 2017. The program seeks to provide professional development for photographers whom he identifies and selects as emerging new talents in the industry.

He is particularly interested in engaging with new talent from the African diaspora.

Get a 10% discount from his course by using the code StillWeRise when you apply. 5% of the fee paid by any student who applies for and is successfully enrolled on the program will go towards the Encyclopaedia Africana fund for this website.

Apply before 7 September 2020.

Further details available here: https://www.vudixhymshiti.uk/open-call

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