lemn sissay

Encyclopaedia Africana L August 5, 2020 LINTON KWESI JOHNSON

it has occurred to me that maybe I’ve written the best of what I can write already. I’ve known so many poets who have peaked at a certain period in their career, and then they’ve written inferior stuff in the years after. I don’t want to be that guy.

Encyclopaedia Africana L August 4, 2020 LEMN SISSAY

In 1979, after having three children of their own, the Greenwoods placed Lemn back into the social care system with no explanation, saying that they and their children would have no further contact with him. Lemn was 12 years old.

Listening Tree Poetry (LT) July 28, 2020 Invisible Kisses by Lemn Sissay

If there was ever one
Who when you achieve
Was there before the dream
And even then believed;

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