John Henrik Clarke

General (LT) Listening Tree January 27, 2022 JOHN HENRIK CLARKE: BLACK PAPER ON WHITE RACISM, PART II (1971)

Continuing its analysis of institutional racism, Black Journal invites Dr. Alvin Poussaint, Dan Watts, and Imamu Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones) to discuss racism in terms of psychological development, culture and colonialism. Dr. Poussaint, an associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and author of the forthcoming book “Why Blacks Kill Blacks,” sees white racism as a mental illness. For that reason he questions “whether black people can find themselves and have self-determination or find their cultural self within the confines of American shores.”

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General (LT) Listening Tree January 27, 2022 JOHN HENRIK CLARKE: BLACK PAPER ON WHITE RACISM (1971)

Black Journal conducts an investigation of institutional racism with the aid of six Black scholars and philosophers in a two-program study entitled “Black Paper on White Racism.” The first part surveys racism in the areas of history, education and Christianity. The investigative team includes Reverend Albert Cleage, pastor of the Shrine of the Black Madonna in Detroit; John H. Clarke, an associate professor of African and Afro-American history at Hunter College and author of 11 books including “Harlem USA”; and Preston Wilcox, head of the education workshop of the Congress of African People and president of the educational consultant firm AFRAM Associates.

Listening Tree Video (LT) January 25, 2022 JOHN HENRIK CLARKE INTERVIEW (1973) ON HIS BOOK, GREAT MEN OF COLOR

A discussion of Black history with Professor John Henrik Clarke, about his book on great men of color from history.

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