Howard University

Listening Tree Video (LT) January 27, 2022 STOKELY CARMICHAEL AT HOWARD UNIVERSITY, USA (1972)

During a lecture to students at Howard University, Stokely Carmichael speaks about the movement of black people toward unity with a clear, common ideology based on science. He stresses black people must put theory into practice – organize and take action. He speaks about the differences between revolutionary and reform movements; Pan-Africanism; the All African People’s Revolutionary Party; scientific socialism; nkrumahism; capitalism; and imperialism.

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Encyclopaedia Africana F September 16, 2020 DR FRANCES CRESS WELSING

white people in America could not cohabit peacefully with their black peers, because of a deep-seated jealousy of people with melanin and their embrace of racial supremacy to accommodate these feelings.

Encyclopaedia Africana H August 30, 2020 HOWARD UNIVERSITY

As the only truly comprehensive predominantly Black university, Howard is one of the major engineers of change in our society.

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