German Empire

Encyclopaedia Africana R February 27, 2021 RUBEN UM NYOBÈ

“La politique touche à tout et tout touche à la politique. Dire que l’on ne fait pas de politique, c’est avouer que l’on a pas le désir de vivre.”
“Politics touches everything and everything touches politics. To say that you don’t play politics is to admit that you don’t want to live. ”

Encyclopaedia Africana G December 12, 2020 GERMANY’S COLONIAL HISTORY

Imperial Germany and its genocidal greed.

Encyclopaedia Africana H September 19, 2020 HERERO AND NAMAQUA GENOCIDE

“In 15 years little will be left for the natives, but we must keep this secret, for otherwise a revolution will be unpreventable.”

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