British colonisers

B Encyclopaedia Africana November 16, 2020 BORIS JOHNSON’S RECORD ON RACISM

90 per cent of Ugandans live in Stone Age conditions.

Uncategorized October 29, 2020 End SARS protests: UK government admits it did train and supply equipment to Nigeria’s ‘brutal’ police unit

The minister for Africa James Duddridge admitted British officials had trained officers from the now-disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) between 2016 and 2020 – having initially denied any ties.

C Encyclopaedia Africana August 14, 2020 CECIL RHODES

In a process of invading, looting, stealing, expropriating, enslaving, plantations, institution-building, rule-making and capital accumulation, the British Empire on the continent of Africa would increase by hundreds of thousands of miles during Rhodes’ lifetime.

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