05.10.2020: The Amazing History of Black People in London before 1948, online event

September 29, 2020

Monday 5 October

Black History Studies  

Black History Studies was launched in March 2007 by husband and wife team Mark and Charmaine Simpson who noticed that the community wanted to learn about history from an African perspective. 

This fascinating presentation by Black History Studies focuses on the hidden history of London and the contributions made by people of African and Caribbean descent to London in the areas of Literature, Politics, Music and Health & Welfare before 1948. Most people believe that Black people only came here in 1948. Black people have lived in Britain since Roman times. Moors were a common sight in Elizabethan England. There were great Black personalities in 18th and 19th century Britain. This presentation tells their story. 

Register for the Zoom Meeting before Monday 5 Oct at 7pm 

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