August 7, 2020

(Beautiful Rwanda)

Rwanda, our beautiful and dear country

Adorned of hills, lakes and volcanoes

Motherland, would be always filled of happiness

Us all your children

Let us sing your glare and proclaim your high facts

You, maternal bosom of us all

Would be admired forever,

prosperous and cover of praises.

Invaluable heritage, that God protects to you

You filled us priceless goods

Our common culture identifies us

Our single language unifies us

That our intelligence, our conscience and our forces

Fill you with varied riches

For an unceasingly renewed development.

Our valorous ancestors

Gave themselves bodies and souls

As far as making you a big nation

You overcame the colonial-imperialistic yoke

That has devastated Africa entirely

And has your joy of your sovereign independence

Acquired that constantly we will defend.

Maintain this cape, beloved Rwanda,

Standing, we commit for you

So that peace reigns countrywide

That you are free of all hindrance

That your determination hires progress

That you have excellent relations with all countries

And that finally your pride is worth your esteem.

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