Puerto Rico

Listening Tree Video (LT) June 17, 2021 A HISTORY OF AFRO-PUERTO RICANS

The flag is not only a symbol of affirmation, “it is used as a symbol of resistance to colonialism.“

Listening Tree Video (LT) June 6, 2021 THE AFRICAN DIASPORA IN PUERTO RICO

Attention! Not all Puerto Ricans look like JLo, Ricky Martin and Bad Bunny! Did you know that the ‘Godfather of Black History’ was Afro-Puerto Rican? Arturo Alfonso Schomburg was a scholar who made it his life’s work to document and collate black history and culture from around the world. The Schomburg Centre in Harlem, New York was established by him. You’ve all heard ‘Despacito’ but did you know that some of the earliest pioneers of reggaeton were black Puerto Ricans like Tego Calderon, Glory and Don Omar? All this and more, coming right up!

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